Echoes of the Heart
Echoes of the Heart clark kent/lex luthor stories

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Echoes of the Heart

Clark Kent was having a very odd day. First he woke up late, but that wasn’t so bad, he could do all his chores and get ready for school in less than five minutes.

What was strange was that he woke up to the sound of a second heart beating loudly in his veins, calming him even as it seemed to swallow him whole.

It consumed him, nothing else registered, not light; his eyes were open, no sound, and no smells, nothing but that steady beat, mirroring his own and taking it over.

Then he hit his head against his ceiling.

“Shit.” He swore and fell back to his bed with a thud, just what he needed another reason for him to be even more ‘special’ than he already was. As if he weren’t a big enough freak as it is.

“Clark honey, are you okay?” his mom’s voice was worried but still down in the kitchen. Good, the floating thing he didn’t want to have to try and explain now. Lub-dub-dub. Lub-dub-dub.

The heart beat? He didn’t even know how to begin to wrap his head around it, much less tell the parents about it.

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