Echoes of Darkness
Echoes of Darkness evolution of the dark one stories

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Echoes of Darkness

The scaly face in front of him changed abruptly to match that of the beggar Rumplestiltskin had tried to help just the night before, and suddenly he understood.  He had been

Manipulated.  Lied to.  He had thought he could take the Dark One’s power and turn it to good, but a strange feeling was beginning to form in the pit of his stomach.

It wasn’t terror; no, it was darker, darker and

Fury replaced terror, or tried to; there was still enough human in him to try to fight that back.  As Rumple watched in horror, however, Zoso’s breath rattled in his chest.

Had he really just stabbed a man, the

?  How could he have been such a fool?  His temper had gotten the better of him, and now he had murdered someone, all for power—

“Looks like you made a deal you didn't understand,” Zoso rasped, a ghoulish smile lighting up his face.  “I don't think you gonna do that again.”

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