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Skylar scowled as she stepped out of the grocery store, slinging her backpack over her shoulders.

You'd think after all the times she'd been there and paid for her things that they'd give her a break and not check her backpack and clothes every time she leaves.

Skylar thought angrily as she laid her skateboard on the ground.

The teenager pulled her hood up and skated away from the store, but as she rolled down the street, she waved at Archie Hopper, who said, "Still coming for your appointment tomorrow, Skylar?"

The brunette nodded and sarcastically said, "Like Mary Margaret would let me skip it."

He laughed and said, "You have a good point."

He then directed his attention elsewhere and Skylar followed his gaze to see Henry Mills, a boy she babysat regularly, and a blonde woman standing by a yellow bug, talking.

Archie then yelled, "Henry, what are you doing here?"

Skylar got off her skateboard, picking it up, and walked over to the young boy, saying, "Is everything alright, Henry?"

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