Early Morning
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A written piece by spoodlemonkey adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Early Morning

Cam wakes up the morning of his thirtieth birthday to sunlight streaming in through the window. It falls across the sheets, his skin, warms him pleasantly.

Overhead the ceiling fan spins in a half-hearted motion casting a light breeze throughout the room.

He’s too comfortable to move, still caught in that moment before fully waking where everything is hazy and lethargic.

The sheets rest low on his hip, tangled around his legs from where he’s moved during the night.

He casts an arm out, feeling around the expanse of the bed but the other side is empty, long since cooled.

He wakes up the morning of his thirtieth birthday and doesn’t really feel any different from the day before.

The smell of coffee filters through the door with quiet footsteps.

Hunter pokes his head into the room, hair still damp from his morning swim, droplets dripping down onto the collar of his shirt.

He smiles, lips quirked up in a bit of a smirk when he sees that Cam’s awake.

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