Early cravings
Early cravings sebaciel stories

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“Shush there, my little darling… Everyone is awake. Lady Elizabeth is here as well. We mustn’t make a noise.“ “Screw ah.. You..
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Early cravings

by bettkitten

“Shush there, my little darling… Everyone is awake. Lady Elizabeth is here as well. We mustn’t make a noise.“

“Screw ah.. You..

Mm… Maybe you shouldn’t have put it inside me if you knew that much… Mmmm you…Aaah, there!” He screamed, rolling his hips hard against Sebastian’s thrusts, his voice high pitched.

Sebastian manages to put a hand on his little mouth, muffling those delicious loud noises, much too loud for a boy as small as him.

“Lady Elizabeth heard… She’s coming our way. Ahh, Young Master… If she sees us we’re done for…” He whispered in the boy’s ear, suddenly feeling even more aroused.

He started to move his hips erratically, his throat vibrating as he growled animalisticly, pounding into Ciel faster and harder by the second.

The boy was thrashing in Sebastian’s embrace, his muffled noises more audible by now as he was taken roughly from behind.

He grabbed at the demon’s arm with one little hand, squeezing it tightly, nails digging deep in his flesh, blood pouring slowly onto the once pristine duvet.

They moved together, Ciel’s eyes closed tightly, eyebrows furrowed in pleasure as he ejaculated all over the sheets, his little member twitching uncontrollably.

His demon followed through shortly, as he heard the young lady running up the stairs, giving Ciel all of his seed, the warm juices dripping slowly from in between his quivering legs.

Ciel shivered as Sebastian filled him with his last load, turning his head in trying to press his trembling lips to the demon’s in a gentle kiss.

But then the door cracked open violently, one petite girl standing there, eyeing them curiously.

Sebastian was on the left side of Ciel s bed , looking perfect once again, not a clue left behind.

The bed linens as well as the duvet were replaced , the only proof of their indiscretion still in between Ciel’s legs.

He blushed furiously looking Sebastian in the eye pleadingly, trying to get him to clean him up the same way.

Sebastian muffled a laugh, ignoring him, liking to know him covered in his juices. Made him feel more secure in thinking that Ciel was his. Every bit of him.

He turned his body towards Elizabeth, smiling brightly, you couldn’t tell in a million years he was faking it.

“Good morning, my Lady. We are most pleased to see you. The Young Master is quite fussy this morning, throwing a little tantrum as he does not want to get up.

” He explained, feeling Ciel’s dead cold stare on his back.

“Alright then don’t take too long! I’ll be waiting for you in the dinning, my dearest Ciel.” She smiled at the boy before closing the door.

She left for ten seconds in the least, as Sebastian pulled the duvet off the little body, his mouth going down on him, load slurping sounds and deep growl feeling the room once more.

He started cleaning his little lord’s member, making sure not a drop remains, licking every bit of his hot, swollen flesh.

He flicked his tongue towards his little ballsack, as Ciel risen up his chest, rolling his hips harshly in Sebastian’s mouth.

The demon held his hips down with one hand, the other spreading his legs further, to have more access​ to play with his perfectly round balls.

He took each of them in his mouth, cleaning him out properly while mentaining his human’s gaze.

The boy moaned under his attentions, watching Sebastian as he used just his lips to take him all in inside that welcoming heat, slurping harshly, as a little erection grew in his mouth once more.

He pulled away, the little human making dissaproving noises.

“Please….” He whimpered, his hands now forming little fists, nails dug deep in his flesh.

Sebastian did not reply, instead turned him around with one hand, forcing him on his knees, his buttocks way up in the air.

He opened up his plush checks, looking at his work with a satisfied grin, before he entered his abused, puffy hole with his inhumanly long tongue.

Ciel breathed unevenly, his cheeks so red he looked like someone slapped him continuously for minutes on end. He was mewling softly, pushing himself more into Sebastian’s tongue.

When the demon was through, he sheltered himself to the hilt once more, Ciel’s pleasured cries filling the room.

His fiancee waited quite a bit before the little lord of the house made an appearance…

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