Eager Ashes
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A work by beckon adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Eager Ashes

Kidman felt herself grimace as she bypassed the half-eaten corpse sprawled out on the floor to her right.

She tried to ignore the mess of organs that had been ripped and scooped out of the open stomach cavity, but she felt her gag reflex twitch at the smell of it regardless; she already

it was there so there was no point in pretending that the carnage didn't exist.

She already knew that the hair and skin had been pulled off of the victim's mutilated head- already knew that his skull had been broken and pulled apart by eager fingers.

Already knew that the soft brain inside had been torn out in scooped chunks by those same deranged fingers.

Already knew that what blood had been spilled, and there was a lot of it, had already caramelized to the old wooden floorboards underneath.

The smell was rancid and yet it was still fresh.

Despite being disgusted by it, Kidman found herself fighting to pull her attention away from it.

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