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A story by my_dear_watson adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Queen Jocelyn was tired.

It had been three years since the ordeal with the Darkness, and she was still fixing things.

Whether it was the temporary property tax prices down, Logan’s other messes, or the Annoyance of the Week from Reaver, she had barely had a moment to breathe.

She missed her old life, looking up to Logan and Elliot and just enjoying life before everything had gone wrong. She missed coming into her own when they did. She missed training with Walter.

She misses late nights with Ben, exchanging funny stories about their lives to try to get their minds off their potential oncoming death at the Crawler’ hand.

She missed Jasper, considering she barely saw him outside of her now-rare visits to Sanctuary.

Hell, she even missed Reaver’s visits, as maddening as they were, but now even he was ‘too busy to see his favorite Princess, beside your mother”, even if he was supposedly due for a visit soon.

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