Dying Embers TimeStamps
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Dying Embers TimeStamps

Jared liked sour gummi worms, the kind rolled in sugar and so sour that your mouth puckered when you bit into the colorful meat of the candy.

There were empty plastic packages for the things littering his junker car and more stuffed into the trash can at home.

So many that Jensen had started to complain about it yesterday when he'd reached into the hamper to do their laundry and found a handful of them that Jared had absently tossed there instead

of putting them into the trash where they were supposed to be.

Jensen smiled fondly as he looked out the kitchen window. Jared was speckled with sand, skin wet and gleaming wearing the biggest dimpled smile Jensen had ever seen on his husband.

Despite Jensen's objections, they were the proud pet-parents of two giant goofy dogs. Go figure.

Sure, initially he had claimed that he would never let a dog into any house of his,

but one day Jared had brought these two home from the local shelter and now there were three puppy dog eyes looking sadly at Jensen like he would be some sort of asshole if he didn't capitulate.

Well, he kind of just had to give in at that point. Now, he just got to look at the man getting run ragged by two mutts while wearing board shorts in July. It was awesome.

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