Dyadic Death: 222 Words of Hope
Dyadic Death: 222 Words of Hope stories

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Two persons. One bridge. One coincidence. Hey, you!
By brevisluna https://www.reddit.com/r/...

Dyadic Death: 222 Words of Hope

by brevisluna

Two persons. One bridge. One coincidence.

Hey, you!

Who, me?

Yes, you!

What now?

Go away!

No way.

But, why?

Will jump!

Me too!

You can’t!

Why not?

You’re young.

So what?

I’m old.

But rich.

Why so?

Nice suit.

Just that?

Nice watch.

Not enough.

Greedy fuck.

Just alone.

Tough luck.

And you?

Really sick.

Of me?

You wish!

No cure?

No cure.

There’s time.

Not mine.

Children, friends?

And wife.

Lucky you!

Boo hoo!

Fuck you!

Am already.

Ha ha!

Having fun?

It’s funny.

Who, me?

Yes, also…

Also you.

This thing.

Shall we?

What? Jump?

Of course.



Stop her!

I can’t!

Grab her!

She jumped!!!

She really…

Just jumped.

You saw?

Her arms.

Her teeth.

The marks.

Her eyes.

Look there!

But, where?

The shore.

Her body!

She is…

Shall we…

May, I?

Come in.

Busy day?

Just writing.

About what?

Some story.

Happy? Sad?

Inevitable really.

Feel better?

A bit.

Still nauseous?

Not yet.

The medication?

Was taken.

More pillows?

No, thanks.

Vitals, check.

My mother?

She’ll come.

The doctors?

With her.

Good news?

Can’t say.

It’s bad?

Just options.

For what?

Your future.

What future?

Calm down.

I can’t.

Just try.

Go way.

Okay, okay.

Let’s resume.

Shall we…

Just jump.

And one.

And two.

And three.

The end.

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