Dwell In My Desires
Dwell In My Desires drunk sex stories

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Dwell In My Desires

Jägermeister makes Casey a little bit gay. He knows that, he’s known that since his junior year abroad in Germany, when he first made the acquaintance of the beverage, and of Hans. Oh, Hans.

Jägermeister makes Casey a little bit gay, and he is well aware of that, and Hans notwithstanding, Casey is mostly straight and totally married,

so what’s he doing ordering Jägermeister in the hotel bar of a Radisson in St. Paul with Danny?

He’s celebrating, that’s all.

celebrating. And they have every reason to—they’ve finished their first broadcast, it went incredibly, and tomorrow they get to fly back to Dallas and do it all over again in the studio.

It’s even snowing outside. They’re on top of the damn world tonight. It’s worth celebrating. With shots of Jägermeister. Because fuck it. Fuck Lisa. Fuck everything.

Casey knocks back his shot without saying anything. Dan watches him, then, after a moment, does the same.

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