Dust and Bone
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Dust and Bone

“We just got confirmation that yet another body has been found in connection to the serial killings that have been plaguing citizens in south eastern Ontario.

This one was found in Wychwood Park.

At approximately 4:30 AM police were called to the community of Bracondale Hill in Toronto this time after a jogger going by followed a trail of blood down to a pond.

The victim has been identified as Cassandra King of—.” I didn’t want the anchor to continue. I couldn’t see the screen anymore. My housemates thought that some T.V.

would cheer me up, but then the news came on.

When I woke up this morning I learned that my sister had died, she had been murdered on her way home from work. The fifth in a series of killings that’s been plaguing the area for a few years.

The police are baffled as the killer hasn’t been leaving behind any trace, any identifier as to who they are.

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