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Dump It Here

"Tracks has been giving me the evil-optic all rehearsal," groused Blaster and Jazz chuckled, packing his trumpet back into its case.

"All string players think they're above the rest of us. It's the natural order of things in an orchestra."

"Or it could be because you upstaged his solo and I cheered a little too enthusiastically."

Jazz snickered. "Well, there is that."

Blaster shook his helm. "Mech's got too much of an ego. It felt good to see him bein' brought down a peg or two by a

Jazz grinned. "Ah still can't believe he fell for the old

"Reason number two why he hates me," smirked Blaster and they shared a quiet laugh before making their way out of the now-empty hall.

"Ya heard about the new cellist?" Asked Jazz idly and Blasted raised an optic ridge.

"I don't particularly pay attention to the string section, considerin' they don't particularly like us."

Jazz's optics flashed in amusement.

"Then yar gonna love this. New guy; Soundwave, Ah think his designation is, is apparently colder than ol' Shockwave."

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