drums of the city rain
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A story by kittybenzedrine adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

drums of the city rain

Basic training had prepared her for this.

All the times Allison had slammed her into the wall had made her ready. No amount of struggling would help.

Allison would slam her head into the wall until she begged mercy, unless she fought back.

Since it worked on Allison's soft parts, Vanya knew a swift knee to the crotch and a head-butt to the nose would distract her attacker.

When she received a hiss and vicious punch in the face for her efforts and was taken to the ground, her mind swiveled. New position, new tactic.

When Ben would get her on the ground, Pogo and Luther would both echo "Go for the weak spots!", though she never needed to be reminded.

A quick kick to the back of Ben's knee would always bring the 6'4 giant down with her, and a swift kick now brought her attacker down much easier, as he wasn't nearly as tall as her brother.

She also knew from having Ben land on her so often that she needed to roll away, so that her attacker couldn't pin her down.

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