drowning in velvet
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drowning in velvet

There was no other pain that contested to what Gu Yong Ha was feeling at the moment.

He felt the smooth stem of the flower tighten, squeezing his lungs. The sensation of drowning was what he felt at that moment – drowning in his own emotion.

He cursed himself when he felt the velvety object reach the back of his throat, only solidifying the fact that it was true, he had fallen in love with him.

Yong Ha looked at his palm, where the three petals of white have landed. They stared at him, mocking him, telling him just how fragile and utterly

he really was. He then felt a tear graze his cheek, not only from the pain of the disease but also because of this one fact:

Mun Jae Shin did not love him back.

Keeping the fact a secret did not seem to be a big problem to Yong Ha, seeing as he had no one to room with. Excusing yourself to use the bath room was simple enough.

The only thing that really did pose as a slight threat was when he had to talk with other people, much more Geol Oh himself.

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