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Skim the water with delicate fingers It's cold to the touch But the depths look like they burn in darkness You're born in water Gasping and screaming Tasting the air Pulled through the abyss without consent

The mind explores the river Bending and turning Wreathing and carving You look to the banks You see your anchors Staring back at you But each one Is frayed And you see the rope disappear

Adrenaline floods your brain The sweet hit of fuel As you capsize And as your eyes break the surface As your delicate fingers no longer skim But plunge You see your last anchor Eyes full of betrayal We trusted you.

Submerged The echo of the water fills your ears Your heart drums In your brain Is it saying goodbye? It's frantic You realise As your throat encloses Gripping for the last strain of breath That you came here this way You are alone Your safety nets are tethered

Be silent Be free Be alone Be someone else Be without them Be yourself Be left Be still Be scared And realise In water you'll leave.

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