Drive Me Crazy
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A work by kittykayla1987 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Drive Me Crazy

They stood in the elevator, heading up to the common floor. Bucky seemed nervous and Steve hoped something wouldn't set him off. When the doors opened, they were met with chaos. Complete chaos.

Steve stood and hung his head.

They walked into the living room and scanned the scene before them. Deadpool, tough guy that he was, was hiding behind Tony Stark, who had doned a suit.

Across the room, a small girl, who could barely be seen, was being held back by both Thor and Loki. An amused Natasha and Wanda sat on the couch.

Everyone spun around to look at Steve.

Wade stepped in front of Tony.

No one had the chance to react before you had Wade by the throat and thrown threw the window.

Tony yelled.

You ran to Steve and jumped up, hugging him.

Bucky looked at you. Just stared at you. He couldn't place it, but he knew you. Just didn't know how.

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