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Drift Compatible

Stacker shows up to the briefing early, as usual. He waits quietly in the back of the tent for the commander to start. It doesn't take long before all the pilots are present.

"We're getting some reinforcement today." the commander announces from his vantage point at the end of the tent.

"There's a unit of Royal Australian Air Force chopper pilots joining us for the next three weeks. We'll be training together, and we'll fly missions together, so get to know them."

That's about it. Stacker goes about his duties until two hours later the choppers set down and the British unit meet their Australian counterparts.

They're an easy-going bunch, and it's natural to banter already over lunch. Stacker is quiet and only joins in when he's directly spoken to. There's one guy who sticks out of the group.

Not because he's trying to, he just caught Stacker's eye. The guy's all sunshine and big grins, his hair a bright ginger and his skin covered in freckles.

For a moment Stacker wonders how far down they stretch before he pushes that thought resolutely away.

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