Dreams of Wonderland
Dreams of Wonderland dreaming stories

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A short story by angeluscaligo posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dreams of Wonderland

Long long ago, somewhere both far and near, there was a dream. It was a small dream, innocent and lithe, full of both joy and sadness.

Many people had shared the dream, whether they knew it or not, and they all thought different of it as people are wanton to do.

Some called it a fantasy, others a dream, yet others a nightmare, … There were as many descriptions and names for the dream as there were people who had shared it and in the end,

the dream had grown. It was a big dream now and more people kept sharing it as time went on, causing it to grow with new words, scenes, fears and stories.

In the end, the dream had become too big and people began entering the dream together.

The first two people who shared the dream together were strangers who had never seen each other before, yet they connected through the dream like no one ever had before.

They shared many adventures together and give this large new dream a new name. They called this wondrous land after itself, namely Wonderland.

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