Dreams of Discord
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Dreams of Discord

The bell of the convenience store rings as a new customer enters the building.

A dark-skinned boy, short for his age, with pale blue hair veiling half his face, walks around the store for a while, before settling for the magazine rack.

Browsing the racks, his hand hovers through the myriad of choices until it picks up a thick comic anthology.

Within the tome's pages are a variety of stories, mainly targeting young boys his age, filled with action, adventure, and an occasional bit of titillation for the older crowd.

As he flips through the book, he comes across a familiar name: Mark Gambling.

Gambling—once known under the alias Moe Manga—was a teenage prodigy best known for co-creating Nana Silky, a series popular with the "otaku" crowd.

It was frilly and girly on the surface, but packed with action and magic and some surprisingly heartwarming moments. Nana Silky lasted for several years, concluding on a high note.

After it ended, the writer and artist split up, with Manga working solo on different genres.

However, none could match Nana Silky's success, and he switched to a different magazine, using his real name full-time.

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