Dreaming The Pain Away
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Dreaming The Pain Away

The full moon was a wonder to behold in the winter time. When the earth was tucked under the frozen blanket and the trees and animals slept in the night.

It’s nights where the sky is clear, the stars twinkle in the ether, and the soft light of the full moon make the forest look like the day.

It’s nights where families have had their day of fun, cocoa, and time together that makes the nights when everyone sleeps with warm memories in their dreams that make winter nights bright.

I often walk the forest path by night, seeing the flicker of fireplaces, smoke from pine wood. I can hear the crunch of snow beneath my feet.

I can see the frost that is my breath (I even pretend to be a dragon or train~). Feel the chill of snow as it slowly falls from the evergreens.

But it’s the sound of running water and the purr of warlord engines that I love the most.

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