Dream A Christmas Story
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short story by barbella adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dream A Christmas Story

Michael stood by the window in a white robe provided by the hotel. It was a morning that reeked of the holiday. He thought the word should be holy day instead of holiday.

He looked back at the sleeping woman that lay in the bed he had shared with her. He could not believe he was so lucky, so blessed to have such a woman become such an integral part of his life.

He realized that prior to acknowledging he cared for her, he was obsessed with Airwolf and the work he was doing for God and country.

Because of her, he had found the true killers of his younger brother William. Because of her, he was able to shed his image of Archangel and simply be Michael.

She was the catalyst that led to pieces of happiness. She deserved more than just a few days at The Garden of the Gods.

They had spent a night here while investigating the murder of his brother. It was here in this very room where he had made love to her.

It went deeper than merely the desire to feel her body next to his. There was a desire that welled within the both of them that night...

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