Drawing the Line
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Drawing the Line

“He’s in Rome,” Gibbs said, referring to Bodnar, but only revealing that he'd had the information all along when Ziva approached him with it.

It might have been to Ziva's benefit this time, or whatever excuse Gibbs told himself, but it was hardly the first instance of him withholding information.

“That’s what I thought too,” Ziva told him.

“What are you waiting for? Take DiNozzo,” Gibbs said with a glance in Tony’s direction. “Go.”

“No,” Tony said, standing, tilting his chin up and physically bracing himself for what he knew Gibbs’ reaction would be.

“What did you say?” Gibbs demanded, standing as well and stalking up to Tony's desk. Tony wondered if Gibbs might actually hit him for this.


“You sure that’s the call you want to be making, ‘cause if you aren’t with us...”

“You said you would help,” Ziva said, looking at him as though he’d betrayed her.

He’d been dragged into Jenny’s revenge, looked the other way when Abby covered up for Gibbs because it didn’t just involve him anymore,

and not been able to prove more incidents involving people Gibbs knew than he cared to think about. This, he decided, was the line he just couldn’t cross, not even to have his team’s backs.

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