Dragon's tail
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Dragon's tail

"Oh, hello." A smug voice came to me, followed by huge red dragon slithering down from a mountain of gold. He stopped a few meters from my position - beside a big ornate pillar.

I was silent, my heart was beating so loud, that I was sure he can hear it.

"Did you lose your voice, little one?" hissed dragon.

I slightly shook my head. Dragon grinned at me.

"Come closer." He commanded.

But I was terrified to make even slight move, so I didn't.

Then he spoke again: "I just want to take a better look at you, to see who I am talking with. There is no need to be scared. I am not going to harm you."

When I still didn't move, he sighed.

"Oh, do you need some help?"

Not waiting for my answer, he slid down again. He was much closer to me now. He slid his tail over coins, behind me.

He pressed tail on my thighs, I lost balance and half-sat on his tail, my hands found thorns under me, I supported myself not to fall.

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