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Legends say that mighty winged lizards called dragons flew across the land; that they fed on the fruits of a giant blood-red tree, the only plant to thrive in the northern ice lands,

and roosted on the Hand's peaks – five jagged stone peaks that formed a hand around the ice island where the tree grew.

Back then, some say, men of different colors and sizes sailed to and from strange and wonderful places, and no monsters roamed the earth.

The dragons and the men had nothing to do with each other. Men did not bother the great fire-breathing beasts, who in turn ignored them completely, especially during the summer.

People said that since they breathed fire, the dragons were naturally hotter than all other animals, and so they avoided the warmer lands in the hottest time of the year.

One stormy spring night, the king of the Blacks received a prophecy through a dream, and called the leaders of the other two noble families that ruled in the continent, the Whites and the Reds,

for an urgent meeting.

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