Dragon Tales Book II
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Dragon Tales Book II

The surprisingly bright afternoon sun was barely lightening the large room in which Masamune had been more or less confined by Kojuuro since the beginning of the day.

Thus forced to take care of his kingdom matters, the one-eyed dragon could only guess the hustle and bustle that now ruled the Castle of Yonezawa.

Dragon people were preparing to celebrate the twenty-first anniversary of their king.

All vassals of the Lord of Oshuu had gathered to honor him at a big party like Masamune knew how to organize them, announcing jubilation and joy.

However, he had no rights to participate in the preparations this time Kojuuro enclosing him in this large office full of dusty paper and old documents,

where the smell of ink and paper was almost stifling.

Why did he do such a thing? The young dragon didn't know, he wasn't really able to discuss it with him.

Well to Kojuuro's credit, delving into his paperwork had focused Masamune attention and it was probably what his right eye had in mind from the start. No one could say no to Kojuuro when he had

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