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Dragon Pearl Crown

Kamui Shirou walked slowly and with dignity, as he was led to his new life as a prisoner of war.

Years of fights between the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven had culminated in a decisive, but brief battle.

Kamui had been wounded and thrown off his horse on the field, and by the time he had recovered from the blow to the head, Kamui had been surrounded by enemy soldiers.

At their lead was the crowned king of the Kingdom of Earth himself. Fuuma Monou had for a long time been a friend to him. But after years of increasing enmity, they had grown distant.

And now, it had all boiled down to this.

He ignored the cheers of the people around him. They, of course, were happy that the war was over.

But they also yelled obscenities at him, laughed about his defeat, and had loud debates on what they would take from the defeated people of Kamui's kingdom.

It was infuriating to hear them, since those were often enough the shameless kind of people who would actually steal from those having it worse.

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