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Dragon Ball C

Chichi’s tail twitched as she watched the lone brontosaurus meander across the grassland, dark eyes narrowing as she plotted how best to take down the tasty beast.

Her father would be thrilled if she brought home that much food for them! Ever since that giant monkey monster had stomped their castle home flat, it had been difficult to get enough to eat.

She licked her lips, breath quickening as she tensed her muscles, prepared to spring.

A shadow fell over the little girl. A


Chichi blinked, her blood running cold as she identified the brute looming above her.

“Uh oh…”

The tyrannosaurus roared, its massive jaws snapping shut on where the child had crouched only seconds before. Chichi untangled herself from her cape in a hurry, and was up and running.

Fleeing from the tyrannosaurus, which had much larger, longer legs than she, was a feat.

Chichi shrieked and leapt forward, narrowly avoiding the beast’s ferocious teeth as it snapped its gaping maw just behind her.

She screamed again and forced her feet to move faster, tucking her tail closer behind her. If the dinosaur got a hold of that, she would be done for!

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