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Dragon Age Prompts

“Why am I here? I don’t know anything about wine,” Hawke asks, her arm linked in Fenris’s. Wine tasting wasn’t exactly her idea of a fun afternoon but Fenris was giving her a smug smile.

“You’re here because I asked you to be. Just as I came with you to the food tasting.”

“Yeah but that’s

. You don’t need to know anything fancy about food to know it’s good,” Hawke says, to which Fenris only snorts.

Hawke felt wildly out of place in the crowd, everyone else sniffing the wine before tasting it, or turning the glass,

making sage comments while she only sipped at each sample and tasted the same thing each and every time.

“Here try this one,” Fenris says, grinning brilliantly and passing a glass to her. Hawke raised her eyebrows and did as he asked.

“It’s good,” she replies, smiling at him while Fenris nods enthusiastically.

“There’s the barest hint of mint, can you taste it?”

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