Dragging Me Down
Dragging Me Down mind control stories

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Dragging Me Down

“There’s another squad headed your way,” Sam stated. His voice was calm, but Steve could hear the edge of worry in his voice.

Steve couldn’t reassure him; he had neither the time, nor the breath. “Maybe you should get out of there.”

Throwing the shield, taking out a line of Hydra guards in the hallway, Steve chased after it.

Yanking it from the wall, he slammed it into the face of the guard coming around the corner, then ducked behind it as the squad Sam had warned about opened fire.

There was another group coming up behind him and Sam was right.

They had needed more Avengers, more backup, but this mission wasn’t sanctioned, and Steve wouldn’t put his friends in danger like that.

The only reason he wasn’t alone was because Natasha was always suspicious, and Sam knew Steve like the back of his hand.

“I can’t, Sam,” Steve said, gritting his teeth.

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