Drafts and Drabbles
Drafts and Drabbles naruto stories

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A fiction by thebluemenace posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Drafts and Drabbles

She thumped her head softly against the wall behind her as she slumped.

The array, hanging in layered paper the size of bed sheets in front of her was a deep, alarming, crimson, the sign of a critical failure.

Confirmation that the last 3 months of work was a dead end.

She had suspected this 3 weeks ago, known 5 days ago, but had pressed forward, hoping, somehow, to fix the instabilities which started to crop up with increasing frequency.

In front of her was the last way she could think of to work around balancing the 13 elements which were critical to the function of the seal.

The simple fact was that, despite what the public might think, the majority of sealing wasn’t about neat writing or intuition.

No, it was logic and persistence, maths to balance what you wanted against what the universe would allow. Theoretically, anything was possible, if you could find the correct order.

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