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drabbles, ficlets, not-fics

Minseok had his soulmate’s name on his his wrist and he searched and searched for him.

I don't remember how they met, but they met and exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch because of the distance.

Minseok would write letters to his soulmate, exchange pictures and send him postcards of the various places he’d gone to.

For a while he’d get infrequent responses, but they’d come eventually and we’re always heartfelt and that was enough.

One night he wakes up in agony and the name on his wrist flickers and pulses like it’s trying to retreat below his skin. He has no idea what it means when the name fades to an almost ash gray.

Eventually the responses stop coming.

He writes and writes and gets nothing in response and it sends him into a depressed spiral. He considers going to see his soulmate, but they never made any promises to each other.

So Minseok waits. He doesn’t want anyone else, he decides, content to be alone until they can be together or until he dies. That’s fine. In his most charitable moments he almost believes this.

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