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Drabbles Drabbles Everywhere!

Swap was impressed, honestly he was, and few knew that it was actually quite difficult to really and truly impress him.

His violent double leaned heavily against the tree; Swap could sense he was breathing hard and his weakened soul was giving its owner everything it could, but it just wasn’t enough.

Not that this sharp, angular, angry version of Papyrus was willing to let others see so easily.

Swap sauntered towards him, the sharp, red eyes watching him like a trapped animal.

It wasn’t like the other was actually trapped; there were plenty of places for him to go,

but the exhaustion of being teleported to this alternate dimension (which immediately drained at least half of his power),

the fight against Swap (which easily cost him nearly three-quarters of what he had left), and now he was running on the basest of what monsters needed to survive.

Swap was still a good ten feet away from the black and red clad skeleton when a wave of bones surged towards him.

Swap lifted a hand, summoning a wall of bones to protect him and the wave shattered against them like thin glass.

The other let loose another wave, and again they shattered, and he didn’t realize that every wave he sent out, Swap took another step closer, and soon not only was he exhausted,

but Swap was right in front of him.

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