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It was a difficult life, having an overactive little brother.

Candace had been so happy when her mother had called her over earlier in the evening and told her that both she and Daddy were very busy tonight, so maybe she could tuck Phineas into bed?

Delighted with the chance at such responsibility,

she’d instantly agreed and almost set off to get her brother right away until she had been reminded that it was only eight o’clock and Phineas’ bedtime wasn’t until nine.

Nevertheless, she’d still showed up at nine P.M. prompt, and then the whole mess had started. It wasn’t that Phineas didn’t want to go to bed, or was actively working against her.

That might have been easy to resolve. The problem was that he seemed to have so much fun at everything he was doing that he dragged out every single part forever.

It took him three minutes to collect all his toys and put them in the basket, since “Mommy doesn’t like it when we make a mess, Candy.

”And no, he wouldn’t let her help, since this was his job to do.

And then it took him six full minutes to decide which of his stuffed animals to take along to bed with him, because he didn’t want any of them feeling left out.

And all with that permanent smile on his face making it impossible for her to get angry with him.

(Well, she had managed that for a moment, but only when he asked her whether he could take her Ducky Momo instead. Seriously, he had to know that was off-limits.

) And then there was the five-minute-teeth brushing ritual, which wouldn’t be too bad if not for him being too short to reach the bathroom sink and her having to hold him up the

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