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short story by empounce adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


You follow your cousin’s instructions, parking your bike just inside the warehouse with expectations of rain later in the day.

He had recently hit a big break in his career, landing a job working as one of the stunt doubles for the new Star Trek movie.

Knowing how hard you “geek out” over anything Star Trek related, he was gracious enough to invite you for a visit,

allowing you to stay at his place – although the main reason you really came was to check out the set!

You nudge the kickstand down, allowing your bike to lean over as you kill the engine.

Hearing footsteps approach, you slide your helmet off and swing your leg over the rear of the bike, bringing you face to face with your cousin.

“Hey Jack.” You throw one of your arms around his shoulders, still dangling your helmet in the other.

He wraps his arms around you, lifting you off the ground for a brief moment. “Glad you could make it! Don’t worry about leaving your helmet here; no one will mess with your stuff.”

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