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drabble collection

Jae paces in front of the coffee shop he and Jackson arranged to meet. He’s fifteen minutes early and the people coming out of the café are giving him weird looks.

He was there when some of them went in. Now Jae can feel his lip shaking and tries to calm down before he does something stupid. Jackson really isn’t someone he should be nervous about, anyway.

But there’s the thing – Jackson and him are friends, sure, but he’ll always be a bit more Jimin’s friend than his. And Youngji’s even worse – your friend of a friend’s girlfriend.

Jae just hopes everything will work out.

Jackson arrives a total of two minutes late, in which Jae manages to look at his phone a total of eleven times.

‘Hey man, I hope you didn’t wait long, you know how it is the days before a wedding,’ after Jae’s pointed look, Jackson laughs ‘Yeah, okay, sorry, I guess you don’t. Well. It’s hectic.’

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