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Leon's apartments were a typical bachelor's lair, where nobody was living at all.

The kitchen was new as if it came right from the catalogue’s pages, the rooms were near-empty, the bathroom had a shower cabin instead of an actual tub.

Buddy reclined on the back of the couch and closed his eyes. He had been missing that simple feeling of comfort for too damn long.

The rain caught him on the way from the school and forced him to cover on the bus stop. He still couldn’t drive the wheelchair with just one hand to hold the umbrella with another.

It was a real downpour, the kind of those which fall rapidly in the tropics, though he had no idea at all how it’s like out there, in the tropics.

Leon, wet from head to toe, run under the roof.

"Uh, we’ve missed each other again!"

He shook his head, spattering the water, squatted in front of Buddy and patted him on the knee.

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