Down the Twilight Path
Down the Twilight Path major character death stories

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Down the Twilight Path

Down The Twilight Path

Prologue: It ends, it begins.

As of late, I feel a heaviness growing in my heart. It makes sense, as the first anniversary of that day is fast approaching.

The heaviness comes hand in hand with nightmares of that day as well. I go over the memories over and over, in my waking hours and in my lucid dreams.

Regardless it always plays out in the same way... It was the day when I was shown how little I truly know.

How the day started, unfortunately, is not much more than a blur in my memory. The clearest image I can recall is of my family and me sitting around our dinner table.

In an instant the picture shattered irreparably, and for a while I lost all sense of where I was or what was going on.

How had he known my parents? I had only been able to watch as I weakly lifted my head toward the ceiling. The first time I ever came face to face with the one-eyed man in the black coat.

But a glimpse was all I would get; everything was starting to fade into a void that bloomed in front of my eyes.

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