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Down Once More

Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock or Neverwhere: those rights belong to the respective owners.

A/N: Hello! Welcome to my newest project, a cross over between BBC's Sherlock and Neil Gaiman's wonderful novel Neverwhere.

There will also be a lot of original ideas of mine added in, such as the mysterious organization known as The Web, and the powers of the three Holmes brother's.

I won't spoil too much now, but if you do have some confusion in parts, I promise to clear up stuff in the story as soon as I can. Please enjoy, and drop a review if you like what you read.


Down Once More

Chapter One: World's Collide

Wind's in the East, mist comin' in

Like some thin' is brewin' and 'bout

to begin

Can't put me finger on what lies in


But I feel what's to happen all

happened before.

"I 'eard they was after ya', Mister 'olmes– y'know, The Web."

The man's scratchy,

mothball voice echoed along the wet walls even as he whispered to the whip thin shadow that was cast by ruddy candlelight; flickering and dancing where the walls oozed some thing green,

and slimy. There was a faint drip-drip-drop sound in the distance– broken pipes leaking into the quagmire of the sewers.

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