Double D's
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Double D's

Being on stage is something Frank likes. Being on stage with Gerard is something Frank loves.

Not necessarily because he loves Gerard (although that does make it better), no it’s because of the energy that he gives off.

The passion that he exerts is something Frank hardly sees from him and it’s hard not to become overwhelmed and overexcited by it.

Only recently, though, has it become something that gives Frank a twinge of nervous excitement.

Nerves and excitement are normal for performing in front of hoards of people, but this is a different kind of nervous excitement.

It makes Frank’s lower stomach heat up and a red tint color his pale cheeks. It makes having fun on stage very easy.

Frank had always been energetic and maybe a ~little~ destructive on stage so the new sensations were easy to feed. He started slow… ly moving closer to Gerard.

Each song he would try to be closer to him than the previous. It would be easy but Gerard never fucking stood still.

And while that was nice and necessary for the performance, it put a damper on Frank’s intentions. He couldn’t quite get the logistics to work in his favor.

Frank tried this approach for a few concerts before realizing that it was a stupid idea. Then he just gave up and walked over to Gerard whenever he felt like it.

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