Dosey ;) and his extremely gay adventures.
Dosey ;) and his extremely gay adventures. dozey the beginning stories

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Dosey goes on a special gay adventure so he can find the biggest cock to bounce on! Luckily he sees you.

Dosey ;) and his extremely gay adventures.

Dosey started his day out like any other day, ejaculating on his huge poster of a topless man. As he was doing that, he suddenly got an urge... he had to fuck an actual guy. This is where you come in. You must get Dosey to love you!

You heard the news, and you ran to find Dosey. You looked through his window and saw his massive (to you) 1.2 inch dick. You knew it must be inside you. You knocked on the door, and Dosey quickly cleaned up and opened. (Your name), How's it going? Hey, Dosey... (You decide to tell him up front) I...I want to be your boyfriend... Dosey is shaking with joy and pulls you inside and throws you on his bed.

Oh dosey! You scream in excitement. Yes! Dosey pulls out your dick and jerks it off. Do you like that? He asks. Yes! He continues to stroke it until you ejaculate all over his face. He licks it up and tells you to pee on him. You, being the freak you are, accepted. You pissed all inside his mouth. He swallowed it all. Your turn dosey! You throw him on the bed and start sitting him on your cock. You enter his butt and he screams in exitement. He moans and moans until you come again.

Suddenly, you see someone looking through the window... Deductive! He quickly runs as soon as he realizes he is seen. You put your close on, and chase him. You grab him, pull him in your house and throw him next to. Dosey gets behind you and sucks your dick as you are sucking Dezucctive's dick. Out of nowhere, Dezucctive yells "EAT MY SHIT"... you throw up in your mouth... but Dosey willingly agrees.

You close your eyes as you see it come out. Dosey eats and eats. His mouth looks like someone making a mess with a chocolate. You throw up all over Dosey. He stops eating shit for a second and stares at you. He starts to eat your puke. His mouth is covered in Piss, Shit, Puke and Cum. He thinks for a second. Gets up. Tells you and Dezucctive to follow him. He throws you in the shower. Confused, you ask "What are we doing." He simply replies... soon there will be a foreplay.

After you are done, you go in his rat mobile. He drives to a house. He says "This will be fun". They drive to a house, break in and you hear screaming. All of a sudden you see Dosey and Dezucctive pulling a dead man out of the house. You freak out, and run away. You look back and you see Dosey with a huge boner. You're drawn to it like a magnet. He takes the dead man's clothes off and fucks him in the the middle of the road. Suddenly, the "Dead Man" wakes up screaming... but then he realizes what happened and he stops. He moans. Dosey said "Hey Swen, how you doing?" Swen replied, "you stabbed me, but this blowjob is amazing..." I know dosey replies.

They start to fuck hard and a cop pulls over. The cop arrests us all. While in jail, we are in the showers... dosey assaults a man, then rapes him while unconscious. The Fucking End.

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