Don't You Dare
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Don't You Dare

I was worried about her.

Since she had seen the Prices get blown into little pieces she had withdrawn into herself, slowly and surely the mouthy tart I had grown to know, and if I am honest with myself,

love had eroded before my eyes.

I had got her to join me in Luigi’s. Oh she had played the part well, joining in with the team as they welcomed Shaz back, smiling at Chris’s awful Italian jokes, but she looked dreadful.

I told her that, shouted across at her to come and join the land of the living, pouring her a glass of red.

I told her that we were unbreakable, and she smiled at me, but yet again the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

I tried to tell myself that there was nothing wrong, that I was being a nancy, worrying about feelings and all that shit that the Gene Genie didn’t normally worry about,

but deep in my heart I knew different. I knew that I would do anything for her.

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