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This happened to me a little less than two years ago, I am of the female species and was 19 at the time, have never been very tall or tough looking. First off a little bit of context: My friends and I were on holiday in Brighton, England.
By lady_douchebag

don't trust friendly old men on trains

by lady_douchebag

This happened to me a little less than two years ago, I am of the female species and was 19 at the time, have never been very tall or tough looking.

First off a little bit of context: My friends and I were on holiday in Brighton, England.

This was actually my second time there, first time a few months earlier I met this guy, my now boyfriend, who I'd madly fallen for and stayed in contact with ever since.

We actually had already met up a few times in our first week back in Brighton and, erm, gotten on very well, let's put it this way.

Anyway so its our second night up in London,

my friend and I just came out off a musical show when I get a call from my now boyfriend telling me he's going up to Manchester with his band for a gig the next day and they still have

a spare seat in the van asking if I wanna come along.

Still on an endorphin rush and just generally excited from the musical and all the crazy new experiences I agree, which means I have to get back to Brighton the same night though,

as they are leaving early in the morning. So I grab my suitcase and set off into the night to the train station all by myself.

Now the problem is, I don't really know how to get to Brighton, so I end up asking somebody who works at the station how to get to London Victoria so I could get a train from there.

This guy is really nice and just finishing his shift so he tells me which train to take, I quickly check on the tube map as well, and gets on with me as he's going he same direction.

We keep chatting,

another guy joins our conversation and quickly googles when the next train to Brighton leaves and even offers to carry my suitcase to the platform as he's walking past it on the way to his train.

I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to let a stranger carry my bag but he turned out to be genuinely just nice and didn't try to steal it or anything else.

So far so good, I'm quite relieved to only have met really nice people so far, as I am usually very sceptical towards strangers and their intentions.

Anyways it's getting late, I'm tired and a little bit confused,

as the display on the platform says my train would be divided at Haywards Heath and only one half of the train would continue going to Brighton,

the other half would go somewhere completely different. So I try to make sure I get in one of the four front coaches, but am not 100% sure I actually am on the right coach.

On the coach there is a big group of people and a really friendly looking older man next to me.

We all start talking a bit, casual stuff, I tell them where I'm off to, they tell me about their night etc etc.

So we are about to approach Haywards Heath and suddenly the friendly old man (I'd assume he was in his late 50s, early 60s maybe) tells me I'm on the wrong coach.

'I go to Brighton all the time and am actually on my way there right now. But we need to get in the coach behind this one, trust me I go this way all the time'

So here I am, tired and confused, but so sure I had gotten on the right coach. The big group of people are off to Worthing though, so they aren't sure about it either.

But this really nice man keeps on saying that we need to get in the other coach to get to Brighton.

So the train stops and he tells me to follow him to the next coach.

I get off the train a bit after him keeping my distance and can see him stepping inside the coach behind looking back at me waving as if he's waiting for me.

I just have a really weird feeling in my stomach, the man was just a bit too friendly and saying a bit too often that I should trust him,

so I decide to double check again and ask the conductor which coaches go to Brighton and tell him about the old man.

He assures me that I was definitely on the right coach and I get back on it and tell the group of people about what happened and everybody is just suuuper creeped out.

I'm just so glad I'm always slightly paranoid and not trusting strangers,

as I do not want to know what would've happened to me if I'd followed that creep to the other coach going somewhere far away, but I'm sure as hell it would have been pretty bad...

**tl;dr**: probably almost got kidnapped from a train by an old guy who just seemed a bit too friendly to be genuine


to the mods: I hope I'm posting on the right sub,

wasn't completely sure whether this belongs here or in r/letsnotmeet but feel free to move the post or tell me to move it if it doesn't belong here :)

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