Don't touch him!
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Don't touch him!

Everyone knew Adam Lambert and the amazing voice that he had but they also knew that he was looking for his soulmate and all of his friends hoped that he would find his true love eventually.

They decided to take Adam out to his favorite club for some good alcohol and dancing to get his mind off of things and to just have a good time.

"Adam? Stop thinking of finding him so much and just have fun." Cass pleaded.

Adam sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "yeah you're right Cass. I just want to find him already it's been forever since I've been happy and had someone to wake up to.

I want everything that comes with having someone to love and just be with."

"Adam I understand but when it happens it'll happen OK? Now have some fun for once."

Adam just smiled, kissed Cassidy on his cheek and headed out to dancefloor to dance with Sutan as he finally let himself go and have fun.

They have been at the club for a few hours when Adam caught a sniff of someone who he just had to have and he followed the scent to a very beautiful blond haired angel and he felt

an attraction to the blond haired man but he didn't want to frighten the guy who could be his soulmate.

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