Don’t Panic Unless Sean is Driving the Spaceship
Don’t Panic Unless Sean is Driving the Spaceship max steger can be a little rain cloud on occasion stories

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Don’t Panic Unless Sean is Driving the Spaceship

Max should have just rolled over and gone back to sleep when Sean and Tom crash-landed in his backyard again. Up to that point, he’d almost say that he missed them a little. (Okay, really.

If he was being perfectly honest. He mainly only missed Steegs. Not having his sister around to drag him out of the house had actually kinda been a bummer.)

Sure, those two werewolves were his best friends. But really, he just liked being home.

His neighborhood didn’t have pesky things like dealing with full moons on a starship instead of outside under the stars or accidental interplanetary incidents because someone sneezed at

the wrong time (Sean, it’s always Sean.).

He shouldn’t have been surprised at all when he found out why they were back

“Where’s my sister?” Max asked.

Tom’s shoulders drooped and Sean said, “So about that.”

“Did you lose my sister? Are you seriously about to tell me that you lost part of my family?!?” Max thought of killing Sean. And maybe Tom too, for good measure.

“You better have a good explanation for this.”

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