Don't mess with crime lords.
Don't mess with crime lords. kanou somuku stories

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A fiction by sexyfantasy adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Don't mess with crime lords.

Don't mess with crime lords.


Chapter 1

Asami Akihito (24)

-Born Takaba Akihito

- Ex-criminal photojournalist investigator.

- Renowned photographer known for Sion photo art exhibition and charity work.

- Married to Asami Ryuichi.

Asami Ryuichi (37)

- Multi billionaire

- President of Sion industry

- Currently controls half of Japan and the underworld known as “King of the underworld”

- He’s a very dangerous man.

Yuri Magira (24)

-Known as Casino Lily engaged to Anthony Monte Carlo.

Lord Anthony Monte Carlo (34)

- He’s a multi billionaire. He is the President of Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas.

- Father is Lord of Monaco.

- Mother Isabella Giuseppe.

- Known to have connections to Sicilian Mafia from his mother’s side.

Ayase Yukiya (23)

- 1st year university law student.

- Officially adopted into Kanou household couple years ago.

Kanou Somuku (36)

- Multimillionaire businessman.

- President of a yakuza clan inherited from his father.

-A very ruthless individual.

Liu Tao (15)

- High school student.

- Adopted by his uncle Liu Fei Long

- Future leader of Baishe.

Liu Fei Long (30)

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