Don't Make Love to Something Innocent
Don't Make Love to Something Innocent nsfw stories

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A short story by psychodelish posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Don't Make Love to Something Innocent

Their night had been relatively calm. Shatterstar's passion about kicking the asses of random people who deserved it was pretty entertaining.

And by entertaining, of course, Julio meant downright sexy.

When he had first complained about the questionably of them being “superheroes” Shatterstar had burst into story about saving a young man from a royal beat-down by homophobic thugs back

when Rictor had first left X-Force, and that pretty much settled the random ass-kicking argument.

Today, they had encountered a teenage boy, maybe 16 years old, fighting with his life against three large men in an alleyway.

At first, Rictor thought that it was a fight like Shatterstar's story from before.

But when the dust settled, a businesswoman emerged from behind a dumpster, shirt ripped and tears streaming down her face.

“He saved me!” She exclaimed, pointing at the bloodied teen. “He stood up against those men,” she burst harder into tears, “he's just a boy!”

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