Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home
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fanfic by mrs_d adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home

Sam was dreaming his usual dream.

He was flying the night mission with Riley. Soon the RPG would rush up on them, and Sam would twist left instead of right, the way he should have gone, to take it in Riley’s place.

Then Sam would be the one falling, but that was okay because Riley wouldn’t freeze up and compromise the op.

Riley would get the job done and save those people instead of hanging in the air, watching his wingman burn.

But the RPG didn’t come. Sam spun around to look, wondering what was taking so long. Behind him, the dark landscape seemed to fade into white, which had never happened before.

When he turned back, Sam realized that he wasn’t flying anymore; he was suspended on the side of a mountain beside someone — not Riley, Sam thought vaguely.

He had just enough time to wonder who this person was when suddenly, Sam was falling.

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