Don't Fear the Reaper
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Don't Fear the Reaper

You were a Reaper. It wasn't as mysterious or interesting as it sounded. Your life was spent following your fathers orders, taking poor unfortunate souls and helping them move on.

You had seen everything, Just as much as the Angels had.

But while they stood watch, and guard over God's creations, you stood and waited for them to die, much like a vulture watched over its prey. You watched as the humans grew and developed.

You only dealt with them when you had to, when Death issued the order and you had to swoop down and guide them onto their next chapter in life.

It was a dull, lonely existence.

Who would want to be friend a Reaper, a person who brought death with them wherever they went? Of course there were the other reapers, many of whom were older than you, and full of themselves.

You were one of the last reapers Death had created, and you were looked down upon by many.

Especially since Death seemed to favor you more so than others, giving you easier tasks, leaving the evil and dark souls to those of his more seasoned children.

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