Don't Come Back for Me
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Don't Come Back for Me

This song is amazing and it really made me think of a story I am writing and this may be part of it someday, but for now it stands alone. Snippets of the lyrics through out the story.

Set After the war, Lou and Kid. Let me know what you think, I know all the Kid & Lou folks might take exception but well, plot zombies will  be plot zombies. They won’t die till you write them.

“I searched for you, for months before I left Virginia.” Lou said looking into the blue eyes she never thought she’d see again.

She stood looking at the man she had loved, the man she had followed to the ends of the earth.

But she refused to turn away, she would stare him down, make him see her strength and make him see how her life without him had turned out better than it ever could have had been with him.

“I found you though didn’t I, with her, your wife, your family. Does she know her marriage to you isn’t legal, isn’t real”

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