Don't Bring Me Down
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fanfic by sashataakheru adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Don't Bring Me Down

The particular section of beach they were at was far from the main strip. It was hard to see the buildings from where they were, tucked away near the rocks.

There was beach there, but it wasn't as inviting, but Craig didn't mind. It was the best place to come after a long night of work to watch the sun rise.

Sitting back on a rock, he pretended for a moment that he wasn't living the life he was, and that he was free to be who he really felt he was.

He had kicked his heels off before he'd come down, and they lay in the sand, forgotten for now.

"Wondered if I'd find you here," Andrew said as he climbed up beside him.

Craig turned to him and offered the joint he was smoking, primarily to take his mind off the work. "Well, it's quiet, isn't it?"

Andrew took a drag and settled next to him. "Yeah, it is. Hard night, hey?"

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